A.R.A. Junk Removal Services

Need your junk removed?Why Choose Us?


There are many junk removal services local to the Springfield MA and surrounding areas. They drive pickup trucks boarded up to the sky and will charge you $400 a truck load... That is not us. We are a professional junk removal company that believes strongly in keeping our rates fair, unlike the local competition. There are several reasons we can keep our rates so low.

  • The owner is on the truck working everyday - ensuring efficient, quality, and polite service
  • Most of our business comes from word of mouth, so we do not have to have a large advertising budget
  • We recycle everything, this can be labor intensive however its worth it to preserve our environment and reduce our overhead
  • We use trained professionals that will quickly remove your junk from anywhere it sits on your property without damaging your home

Junk furniture, old appliance disposal, construction debris - We take it all

we do not junk hazardous material or Americans flags

How To Get Your Junk Removed

So how does all this work anyway?We'll walk you through it


  • FIRST - You call us 413-433-0356 Or you can request a quote at the top of the right column
  • SECOND - We ask you what large items need to go, where on the property they are located, what city you are in, and how many regular size pickup trucks you think you would fill (we do not use a regular pickup truck, we use commercial trucking, but this helps us estimate on the phone)
  • Next - We offer a estimated window of cost for your junk or trash removal
  • Then we schedule a time frame of an hour for you to expect us
  • Once there the owner will assess the load to be removed and offer a flat rate typically inside the window given for the estimate by phone
  • We will then remove everything, a full load will typically take an hour, so a quarter load can take us just 15 to 20 minutes depending upon weight and location of objects to be removed
  • Afterwards the owner will settle up with you by cash, credit, or debit and be on our way
  • Finally, if you love our service you will return here to our website and post a review for other future customers to let them know what they can expect when working with us :)

A Little About Our Junk Removal Company

Who's picking up your trash?ARA Junk Removal Service!


Named after the owners daughter's initials ARA Junk Removal Services is a new owner operated junk disposal company covering Western Mass. We have two trucks and 5 employees and pride ourselves on giving 5 start service and getting 5 star reviews (see right column). We handle both residential and commercial junk removal jobs including house trash outs, evictions, foreclosures, and hoarder clear outs. There really isnt a job too big or too small for us as we welcome serving our customers no matter what they need. We even will come out to help you move a heavy piece of furniture.